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Other Methods of Surgery

Surgeons may use traditional tools. These include surgical knives (scalpels). But both open and minimally invasive surgery can also use these other methods. Their use depends on what needs to be done.

Laser surgery

A laser is a device that sends out a concentrated focused beam of light. It can repair damaged tissue or destroy certain cells. The surgeon can use it to cut through tissue without damaging nearby cells. Laser has been used in place of surgical cutting tools in various surgeries. These include eye surgery, gynecological procedures, and dental procedures. It can also be used in cosmetic surgery. This would be used to remove skin scars, tattoos, wrinkles, and also small tumors.


A surgeon can also use electrical tools. These run on high-frequency electric currents that cut and control bleeding. One example of this is electrocoagulation. It helps control bleeding by clotting the blood. Another example is electrodesiccation. It's used to remove small growths by destroying the tissue with an electric current.

Ultrasonic desiccation

A surgeon uses a handheld device that uses ultrasonic energy. This is electricity converted into mechanical energy. It's used to cut tissue, seal blood vessels, and control bleeding.

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